As i have been a composer for a long and important period of my life (for 15 years, and till around 2001), it is needless to say that I would of course like to integrate in these pages ALL my presentable compositions, in full length and in 24 bit resolution.

The visitor may listen to the most of my recorded in LPs and CDs music directly from the discography page.
In this downloadable list, there are some of my unpublished works, apart my discography.

I left out my rather “purely” experimental ones, and what is included here are some indicative pieces made mainly for theatre.
Like it happens with the pieces in “discography”, these ones too had to be in mp3 format, discarding the demands of audio quality.

Moreover, since my compositions were usually rather lengthy, a few of these extracts appearing in “discography” or in this list, are “trimmed” to become shorter. So, they do not reflect the full aesthetic sense of their “mother” original works.

Some pieces in this list were made exclusively for electronics, and they are in a complete form. Instead, some other ones, are just draft sketches in electronics, and they would need further work to become stand-alone music, played by musicians on physical instruments.

The “Woman of Zakithos” is a complete work, that appeared in the National Theatre of North Greece, was intended to be published in a CD by a State Institution, but never managed to complete this course.