FROM 1978 till 2000:


in the art field and

the institution “Podium Music Centre”


From 1978 to 1982, he was exploring artistic expression mainly by writing poems and short stories. He created with others a kind of “Literature Club”, where people were meeting and exchanging ideas and works. In that period he wrote the collections “Deja Vu” (short stories), “Nocturnes” (poems).

He also experimented with a series of sketches accompanying the texts of “Deja Vu”, an inspiration that much much later proved extremely fruitful for some personal conceptions regarding his work with the Gestalt therapy theory.

To see info about and the sketches of “Deja Vu”, you may visit the relevant link from the “music art” menu.

In the meantime, around 1988, P. Theodorou founded the “Podium Music Centre”, a non state and non profit institution connecting artists who shared common views on the social dynamics of culture. “Podium” managed to remain active and responsible for the planning and realization of numerous events until 1997.

Under the “Podium” framework he realized several projects and activities. LP albums and CD productions, publications of texts, cooperations with other persons (artists and non-artists), cooperations with several kinds of other State and non-State frameworks in different kinds of events (exhibitions, festivals, voluntary work projects, organizing art and educational programs, etc).

In 1997 “Podium” organized a jazz festival in Thessaloniki, in cooperation with the Sikies Municipality.

In 1993, through “Podium”, he founded a Summer Cycle of Multiple Events in Milina, in the region of South Pilion, which for five consecutive years remained an established institution.

A very similar to “Podium” rationale, led to “Entropia” – an Initiative for Creative Praxis”, founded by Theodorou and other artists in Thessaloniki in the beginning of 1996. “Entropia” remained active until 1999, producing numerous educational and/or art events.

“Entropia”, was also the framework for his 3 years cooperation with the dancer Efi Tsolakidou. Together, they worked on the parallel movement-sound composition. Indicative works are “isimeries” (performed several times in Greece on different occasions) and “Tribute to Leon” (that was presented fully, with the use of the monumental electronic instrument “Theremin”, only in a few “open rehearsals”).

For a period of about 3 years (1996 – 1999) some of Theodorou’s recordings and cooperations with other musicians, were technically produced in his music studio of that time, under the name of “Ihokitaro Studio”.


INFO (pdf): “The Milina Summer Festival”

INFO (pdf): “Podium Music Centre”



educational activities in art


He is involved in education since 1990, when he worked as a music and music technology teacher in Schools, Conservatories, Institutions, etc.

Since 1994 he was gradually addressed also to actors and dancers. His problematics concerning the relationship of music and other artistic forms, had consistently led him now to broader educational cooperation schemes with Theatre and Dance Schools.

Here, it is important to note that, as it will be seen below, after 2003 and especially after 2005, his educational activities were fully re-oriented in completely different kinds of projects, that concern: (a) Playback Theatre training through his personal PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis) approach, and (b) broader PSP applications.

Some indicative educational projects of the decade 1990-2000, are:

… The “Petra” seminar (EEC, 1994, duration:1 year), during which he introduced to music technology advanced students of classical music field.

… Seminars and workshops on the creative use of music technology under his “Musica Practica” project and framework (1995-1997) – see below.

… His periodical teaching for 2 years, at the “Theatrical Group of the Greek Association of Geneva”, since 1999.

… From 1998 and for 3 years he taught at the the Theatre-Cinema School “Entropia”.

… He organized the periodic art educational workshop “Moving is being alive” under the framework of the dance/ theatre group “Entropia” (which he founded in 1996 with the dancer Efi Tsolakidou). Thomas Mettler was invited in Thessaloniki from Switzerland and taught during several workshop cycles (30 hours each) entitled “Towards a Physical Theatre”.





“…Theodorou’s principal contribution in music education is that he very quickly extended his teaching object to matters of a broader creative interest.

He proposed a new perceptions to both musicians and people involved in the performing arts, as he included in his teaching enriched experiential perspectives.

In any teaching form and framework he aims to mobilize the primary inherent creative skills of any person (artist or not) regardless and specific field, and to underline the wholeness of creativity in life and in art.

He always views music education rather through the eyes of the creator than through ‘academic’ theoretical approaches…”





AFTER 1998

he entered a long “transit period” by stepping very slowly in the field of psychotherapy. HIs two identities of that time, were gradually getting integrated. So the basically educational character of his first creative art-workshops was significantly enriched as more and more
experiential elements were introduced.

Since 1996, tending already to this “transit period”, he realized his personal ideas about an idiosyncratic series of workshops around creative expression. The project was called “Creative
Communication Encounters”, and lasted for 3 years.

That project led to another one, the workshop “Polytechno”, with artistic and educational aims. 

the workshop “Polytechno”


the 1st workshop’s version:

OCCET’97 – Thessaloniki, Cultural Capital of Greece for 1997


The educational art workshop “Polytechno”, was developed along with the director – actress Tina Stefanopoulou. His present participation is only partial since he focused professionally and creatively in Gestalt therapy.

Since 2005 his participation is in a way only on a symbolic level, as he focused exclusively to the Gestalt therapy and perspective. 

That first Polytechno version operated for the first time in Greece between March and October 1997, when Thessaloniki was the cultural capital of Europe, as part of the relevant framework (OCCET ’97) activities.

It was a big multidimensional project, that unfortunately was not further supported by the Thessaloniki Municipality after 1997, regardless its remarkable course.

However, since 2000, the Polytechno workshop – project functions based on a private initiative, under the framework of the “Nemesi studio”.

Similar to Polytechno has been the creative expression workshop “dRAMA – CLUb” of “City College”, that he ran on 2002.



The PRESENT VERSION of the workshop: pdf link


The original version of the workshop – 1997:

Outlining a general model of the 1997 workshop – Basic info, forward: pdf link

A. the idea: pdf link

B. this, first year – 
the reality : pdf link

C. evaluations, conclusions, comments : pdf link


through “that” first degree…


In 1986, he was already active as a composer.

Yet, through his past medical identity, even if it was essentially already inactive, he wished to contribute to the broader changes in Greece and especially in the Health System. So, he used that pass identity as a perspective to write and publish the book “The Dental Treatment in Greece: Proposing a model for analysis”.


For some more info (pdf) about his “then” medical course and this book, click here.