I offer
additionally to INDIVIDUAL and
in English language:




[2] The PROGRAM “The eyes in which I was mirrored”


[3] INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMS in my PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis) approach


[4] GESTALT THERAPY education


[5] PLAYBACK Theatre through PSP education




The workshops can be autonomous or interconnected and of any duration.


[2] The PROGRAM “The eyes in which I was mirrored”

It consists of
1-5 experiential workshops (14/16 hours each one) and preceding lectures.

The Program’s theme is an existential perspective on relationships of
eros, love, sexual desire.


[3] INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMS in my PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis) approach

PSP is an adjunctive skill about improvisational, embodied interaction.
PSP can be potentially applied to any field in which process and awareness work is involved (see the relevant PSP menu).

Such Programs are flexible and usually last 100 hours (most often divided in 6 meetings of 16 hours each one).

They do NOT substitute or affect the usual training in any approach and can be ADDRESSED to several groups of participants:

professionals and/or students of the mental health field (psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers etc), participants connected with education, performing arts and Playback Theatre, Organizations, etc.


[4] In the GESTALT THERAPY education:

Seminars and/or lectures of any duration and form addressed to
professionals and/or students,
on basic or advanced theoretical and practical themes, especially

(a) regarding certain aspects of body-work and
(b) referring to contemporary concepts of phenomenology and neurosciences:

e.g. the microstructure and the temporality in the synthesis of our self-sense, interactions and experience, the embodied foundation of empathy, the concept of improvisation in life and in therapy etc.

The hours of my training workshops cover hours required officially by the training structure of the each time inviting Institution, in case it is acknowledged by EAGT.


[5] In Playback Theatre through PSP:

Training seminars (and/or lectures) on any basic or highly advanced level of any duration and form, about any theme:

acting, conducting, very deep technical aspects of improvisation, conceptual approaches of the oral or stage narration, group life etc.

Moreover, I offer full Training annual, biennial or triennial Programs to
(a) starting from scratch Playback Theatre groups or
(b) already existing ones.

In my training I provide also a very consistent and clear theoretical – philosophical background.


In my work I generally employ the Gestalt therapy principles, methodology and philosophy,
depending on the each time setting, needs and goals.

I also employ interactive body work, movement and improvisation
according to my PSP approach.