In the nature and orientations of my activities and workshops, is of course reflected my personal course.

This can be outlined in the following patterns.



BEFORE 2000, I have been active as a composer (actually, from 1985 to 2000).

Υou may see:

…from the front page menus, the link «music-art» for my artistic works.

…from here, the link «projects-activities» for a sketch of what I was doing at that so distant (from now) period



Around 2000 I started my training in Gestalt therapy (and studies to take my degree in psychology) and so I left behind completely my artistic identity.



The period BETWEEN 2000 – 2005 is a kind of «transit period», in which I was «crossing» from the art field to the psychotherapy one.



AFTER 2005 I started using more and more in my work (as Gestalt therapist) the adjunctive tool of my PSP approach (Process-Stage-Praxis).  




as I am focused exclusively on the the Gestalt therapy and perspective, it could be said that my only remaining links with art are  in some way the workshop Polytechno (in Greece) and some aspects of what I am doing (internationally) in  Playback Theatre (see the link from the home page). 


since in both Polytechno and Playback Theatre I am  involved through PSP, we are still speaking of the Gestalt philosophy perspective, because it is anyway fully inherent in the PSP core.